How to Help

COMBINED FEDERAL CAMPAIGN (CFC) – A Child’s Joy is a participant in the CFC – our number is 24197.



We absolutely love our volunteers – they are the backbone of A Child’s Joy.  If you would be interested in joining us, send us an email at  We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Sew StockingsLike to sew? We’ll supply the cut out stockings for you to sew together.  We sew all year and ask that our volunteers sew a minimum of 12 stockings…most do many more.  You’ll need a sewing machine and thread – and, of course, the time!

Sewing Days – organize a ‘sewing day’ or ‘sew in’ – we’ll provide the cut out stockings – we can even come and give a short demonstration on how the stockings are sewn.

Committees – Have an expertise in PR or Marketing or Fundraising?  Like to organize or write or meet people?  Enjoy working with other volunteers?  Want to help out with toy drives or sorting/inventorying the thousands of toys we obtain every year?  As we grow, we need people like you to help us put the foundation down under the stockings.  Email us – we’d love to chat with you.

Lugging/Lifting– a couple of times a year we are in need of people who are willing to lug boxes and bins and help set up/deliver for our stocking-stuffing event…how about you?


This is a wonderful way to get children and young adults involved in helping other children – it does not matter whether you are a preschooler or a college student.  Toy drives can be held anytime – although most of our donors like the November-December or “Christmas in July” timeframes.  We would be happy to chat with you – provide you with a list of toys – and give you whatever assistance you need.

Toy drives can be for a list of toys – or one toy in specific (for example, a ‘beanie baby’ toy drive).  Since most of our toys are relatively inexpense, it allows everyone to feel like they can help…and lets them know that there will be a child waking up on Christmas morning with a stocking full of toys thanks to them!