About Us

Our Mission

To provide joy and encouragement to low income, physically or mentally challenged, abandoned, or orphaned children between the ages of five and twelve through the distribution of filled Christmas stockings; to enhance local outreach and community involvement by operating A Child’s Joy primarily in Fairfax County, Virginia, while partnering with other non-profit organizations such as the Fairfax Church of Christ and Our Neighbor’s Child.  A Child’s Joy will minister to all children, regardless of denomination or race.

Our History

A Child’s Joy started out as a personal gift-giving endeavor in 2005, with a donation of 45 Christmas stockings toWestern Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM).  Over the next year, members of the Fairfax Church of Christ began sewing stockings and donating toys, bringing the 2006 total to 150 stockings. The number of donated stockings grew very quickly and with the increase in donations and volunteerism, the 2007 total was nearly 700 stockings.  It became very apparent that this endeavor would grow rapidly, and the decision was made to incorporate into a non-profit corporation.  A Child’s Joy was incorporated in April of 2007 and now has an IRS status of 501(c)3.

A Child’s Joy has a goal of distributing 1,200 Christmas stockings this year.   If you would like to be a part of the fun, go to our “How To Help” page and send us an email.